RJ Mickelson

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Wrestling by RJ Mickelson

RJ Mickelson is a documentary photographer based in New York City. Much of RJ’s work explores the banal and overlooked worlds of working class people in New York’s Tri-State area. From the early morning moments of butchers in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District to the fraternal and sensational world of regional professional wrestling, RJ seamlessly enters worlds and finds moments which are narrative in nature while being both reflective and emotional. Inspired by both art photographers and photojournalists, his work is rooted heavily both in form and content where the story’s importance is¬†¬†proportionate to the composition, color and light within the frame.

RJ has integrated his visual imagination and journalistic integrity with organizational pragmatism. After completing the one-year photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography in 2005, RJ co-founded and later became Director of Veras Images, a New York-based photography collective. After freelancing for newspapers and publications in New York City, in 2008 RJ became the Senior Staff Photographer/Photo Editor at amNewYork Newspaper. Most recently, in October 2009, RJ attended the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop for emerging documentary photographers where he was awarded an Associated Press Award for his project on twin 90-year old sisters living in the Catskill region of New York state. RJ’s continues to aggressively pursue visual stories that are culturally relevant, visually impactful and personally meaningful.

Website: www.rjmickelson.com

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